Monday, January 23, 2017

Finding the Inner Artist

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about art is paintings. In the news, we often hear rich people buying centuries-old paintings for millions of dollars, and we often think if there is a way for ordinary people to make money out of art. Well, art is not just about paintings and yes, people can make money about art, if they appreciate how vast the possibilities are.

Art is everywhere, yes they are most often on walls and framed, but they can also be seen in old lamps, shelves, tables, house decors and furniture. While most of the million dollar paintings being sold these days are made by painters dead from decades, many of the other art forms are made by people who followed their passion and made a living out of their creativity.

The one basic thing about selling art is appreciating the value. A painting, an old cabinet, an old lamp may – anything old – may already cost a fortune. Rummage through the attic and you may find an old locket, an old frame that could be worth something. There are companies that offer appraisal services and, even if your item is found to be valuable, they will sell it for you for a share of the proceeds.

For many others , however, making business out of art is basically adding value to something that is bland and ordinary. A chair may just be a chair, but once you put creativity and art into it becomes something very valuable. It could be a shirt, your own painting or portrait, a coffee table or a kitchen cabinet – these are common items that can be valuable if they are given value and artistry.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for wannabe art entrepreneurs is to find their passion, to find their art. It could take a long process, but it should be found for that will become the outlet of your creativity. There is a world of market out there of people who find self expression through items that they own. Buying art for many is an emotional purchase, it is a connection. It is no longer dictated by price but by the desire of the buyer to own something he can proudly say he owns. Tap into that inner desire of the market and the rewards could be limitless.